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PressPress is a poetry publisher. It is probably the smallest publisher in the known universe. The aim of PressPress is to have good, accessible chapbooks at a reasonable price. It's a bit idealistic, but then, so is writing poetry in a time of fire.

Poetry in a time of fire is the unofficial motto of PressPress. Poetry is what people are interested in. If you're startled by this, you haven't been paying attention. Most people, at some time in their lives, have written a poem or two (usually more). This is something you can't say of novels, or tv scripts or even cartoons. Poetry is a universal thing, like music. We're not quite clear on why we do it but it seems to be one of things human creatures do.

Go to PressPress poets by clicking on the Chapbooks link and follow your nose. You'll find details of their publication, background, some reviews, photos and a sample of their work. Enjoy.

To submit a manuscript go to the Submissions page and mail info at PressPress.com.au

Latest chapbooks

Lizz Murphy’s Shebird cuts to the quick of a social issue or vividly captures a passing moment.

Richard Tipping’s Tommy Ruff is a fresh catch of pointed poems from the deep south of Australia, by a poet well known for not fitting in to available categories.

Lizz Murphy has a distinctive voice and a clear, clean observational style in this book. There are 54 portraits - some of which are a single line. A skilled poet at her best.

Tim Thorne has been at the forefront of poetry in Australia since the 1960s.  Yeah No, his thirteenth collection, includes poems which illustrate his concerns with social and environmental issues, with history and with some of the absurdities of 21st century society.

Cornelis Vleeskens’ new chapbook, Trivial Pursuits, is a portrait of a deeply cultured man’s mind. Allusive and aware, this long poem brings the large world into the small.

Kelly-lee Hickey’s Thicker than Water was the winner of the 2011 PressPress Chapbook Award. It is a subtle evocation of a time, place and person; intimate in tone, restrained in diction.

Kaye Aldenhoven’s Botanica erotica is an exploration of those human obsessions: love, six, family, country, history and pain that persists through generations. These poems are emotional and intellectual; funny and personal - and distinctly Territorian. Kaye lives in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Wicks’ long-awaited new chapbook has just hit the decks. Wicks’ tenth book of poetry is full of feathers, life, shadows & laughter. Its beguiling language and fusillades of bam-bam-bam images are accessible, exciting and invite you in.

New from PressPress is a prose poem, Vanuatu Moon, written in a wry observational mode; it’s Vanuatu as seen by Paul Cliff as strange as any place on the planet, or possibly, off. Paul Cliff lives in Canberra, and is a poet, playwright and editor. Book 2 is a continuation of the long prose poem, begun in Vanuatu Moon.

Semele by Howard Firkin is a single poem about the course of a love affair. It’s tender, witty, technically fabulous and totally engaging.

Janet Jackson’s q finger Is now out. Go to her page for a sample of her work and to read about this poet from Western Australia.





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